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MG34/42 Ammunition Box Carrying Strap

In very good condition a MG 34/42 Ammunition Box Carrying Strap (Tragegurt 34).
This example is nicely maker marked also the WaA stamp is slightly visible.

Code: 50904

325.00 EUR

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German Binocular Button Flap -1942-

IMO in mint condition a German Binocular Button Flap, this example would have been in place on the binoculars to attach onto your tunic, called 'anti-movement flap'
Nicely dated '1942' and factory code marked 'ddx'

Code: 50898


SB-Zusatz 33 for FF33 -1940-

In very good condition a Telephone Cradle 'SB-Zusatz 33' for FF33 'Feldfernsprecher 33'.
It is nicely maker marked and dated 1940 also the WaA stamp is still visible.

Code: 50905


WH (Heer) Panzer Model B Headset -1943-

In very nice condition a WH (Heer) Panzer 'Armoured Vehicles' Headset Model B 'Dfh. b Kopfhörer'.
It's comes with the original rubber ear pads, 1 small damage shown on the photos.
Further it's nicely WaA stamped and dated '1943'.
Hard to find these days!

Code: 50900


WH Panzer Model 'B' Throat Microphone

In very good condition a WH (Heer) Panzer Model 'B' Throat Microphone 'Kehlkopfmikrofon', nicely marked '(Fu)b' (Funk model B), also the microphone is clearly visible WaA marked, also the wire has a nice seal which is marked 'Kmf.B'.

Code: 50899

295.00 EUR

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K98 Leather Rifle Sling

In nice used condition a K98 Leather Rifle sling, which is nicely stamped 'L&F'.
This sling can be used for the K98, G43, K43 and MP44.

Code: 50891

170.00 EUR

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Luftwaffe 'AK39' Armband Kompass

In very good condition a Luftwaffe wrist compass (AK39 Armbandkompass) which comes with it's original leather straps.
It is nicely marked on the back with 'FL23235-1'.

Code: 50897


Extra Photos of the grouping

Code: 50907


Wehrpaß WH (Heer) - 12./J.R. 488 nr. 121

Grouping of 'Obergefreiter' Luitpold Knallinger.

Luitpold Knallinger has fought in Germany, France (Moezel, Vosges, Rhein-Marne-Kanal) and Rusland.

On august 9, 1943 he was KIA while the battle of Jelnja.

He was awarded with the KVK 2nd class and Eastern Medal which is Hersteller marked.

The grouping consists of:
1. Wehrpaß of 'Obergefreiter' Luitpold Knallinger.

2. ID-disc (Erkennungsmarke from Luitpold Knallinger).

3. Eastern Medal.

4. KVK 2nd class.

5. 2x Death Card.

6. Death Letter.

7. Photos of Luitpold Knallinger during the war.

8. Feldpost / Christmas Card.

9. Souvenir picked up during the battles (Leather Wallet attached with Russian Medals, Photo Camera and a pocket watch).

Also included this grouping is the Photo album of his brother which was also KIA during the war.

Code: 50902

395.00 EUR

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K98 Combat Bayonet with Leather Frog

In nice used condition a K98 Combat Bayonet with Leather Frog.
The blade and scabbard are matching numbers!
Nice example for sure!

Code: 50706

245.00 EUR

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