Militaria Mart
The ultimate resource for militaria with over 20,000 items of militaria for sale on-line.

Militaria Plaza
Please visit this website for a nice wide range of militaria from the WW1-WW2, My friend Jim is a loyal and honest dealer.

Willem from Tarnmilitaria is a well known dealer and specialized in original German equipment, uniforms and verhicles/parts. Please take a look at hes website.

My friend Fredrik specializes in mainly german equipment and helmets, but he is also an artist in painting mannequins. Please have a look at his website.

IMCS Militaria
Mark van Thiel has a wide range of nice and rare military WW1/WW2 objects, you will find here most objects that have played a role during this period.

Clements Militaria
Please have a look at Michels website, he has a very good knowledge of U.S objects but also of British and German objects! Also you can know Michel as a good dealer in Harley Davidson motorcycles like WLA/WLC.

World War Collectibles
Arthur from World War Collectibles has a nice wide range of Militaria, mainly German but also allied equipement from the Second World War. Please have a look at his website.

JP Militaria
Please have a look at this new website from Joeri van Poppel, he sells mainly WW2 German equipment.