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2nd Model Navy Dagger - Carl Eickhorn,Solingen -

In very good condition a 2nd Model Navy Dagger
'Kriegsmarine Dolch für Offiziere'.
Its nicely maker marked 'Carl Eickhorn, Solingen'.
The blade is in very good condition, very nice example for sure!

Code: 51037

750.00 EUR

WH (Heer) Ration Sack -1942-

In mint condition a WH (Heer) Ration Sack, made of twisted paper twine version, harder to find than the fabric ones.
Its nicely marked (H.Vpfl. Heeresverpflegung). and dated 1942.
Measurements: 130x75cm

Code: 51125

95.00 EUR

German 'Tragegestell M43'

In very used condition a German 'Tragegestell M43', missing some straps and has a few damages but 80% complete, IMO fairly priced.

Code: 51126


Luftwaffe Small Gravy Ladle -1942-

In very nice condition a Luftwaffe Small Gravy Ladle which is nicely factory code marked and dated.
Very nice for display.

Code: 51122

80.00 EUR

NSKK Belt Buckle (Sunwheel)

In nice condition a NSKK Belt Buckle, there are no markers visible.
Nice example for sure!

Code: 51120

160.00 EUR

Luftwaffe Cutlery Set

In very good condition a Luftwaffe Cutlery Set, all example are nicely LW Eagle marked, dated and factory code marked.

Code: 51121

90.00 EUR

Early SA Dagger - F. Herder A.S.-

Nice untouched Early SA Dagger which was recently found while a household. this dagger comes with the original Leather Hanger.
The blade is nicely maker marked 'F. Herder A.S. Solingen' the crossguards is also marked 'wf' (westfalen).
Nice example for decoration!

Code: 51123


Aluminium RAD Officer's Buckle -Assmann-

In nice condition a RAD (Reichsarbeitsdienst) Aluminium Officer's Buckle.
Its nicely maker marked (Assmann) and dated 1937.

Code: 51118

160.00 EUR

Wehrmacht FF33 Field Telephone Battery

In used condition a Wehrmacht FF33 Field Telepfone Battery (FeldFernsprecher 33 Baterie) was the standard issue by the German military during WW2.
Very nice example to make your Field Telephone complete!

Code: 51119


German WW2 Harmonica

In very nice condition a German WW2 Harmonica in original carton box made by 'M.Hohner'.
Very nice for decoration!

Code: 51117

175.00 EUR