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WH (Heer) M31 Canteen and Cup

In truly mint condition a WH (Heer) M31 Canteen and Cup.
This example is nicely factory code marked on the metal cup and leather strap, both nicely dated 1943.
The canteen it self is retains 100% of the original red factory paint, the metal is retains 99% of the original olive paint.
All leather straps are in good condition!

Code: 50599

150.00 EUR

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WH (Heer) M31 Tropical Canteen and Cup

In nice worn condition a WH (Heer) DAK 'Deutsches Afrika Korps' Canteen and Cup.
The Canteen and Cup are both nicely factory code marked and dated 1943.

Code: 50601

150.00 EUR

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Early-War WH (Heer) Shelter Quarter 1935

In mint condition a rare WH (Heer) Shelter Quarter.
This example is clearly visible maker marked and dated 1935.
All buttons are present and there are no damages!

Code: 50603


WH (Heer) Metal 5cm Mortar Ammo Case

In very nice condition a WH (Heer) Metal 5cm Mortar Ammo Case in original camo paint and comes with the original paper label on the outside, not often seen!
Very nice and rare example for sure!

Code: 50604

375.00 EUR

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Waffen-SS Oak-Leaf 'B' Shelter Quarter

In very nice condition a Waffen-SS Oak-Leaf 'B' Shelter Quarter/Poncho (Zeltbahn M31) with machine roller printed reversible spring/autmn oak-leaf camouflage.
All original buttons looks to be present, a very nice shelter quarter for sure!

Code: 50605


Waffen-SS Steel Belt Buckle 'RODO'

In worn condition a Waffen-SS Steel Belt Buckle.
Unfortunately there is not many paint on the front of the buckle, but nevertheless on the reverse there is still 70% of the original green factory paint.
Also it is nicely name marked 'RODO'.

Code: 50602

575.00 EUR

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MG 34/42 Tropical Ammo Case

In nice worn condition a MG 34/42 Tropical Ammo Case, this example retians 80% of the original tan paint, all leather straps are still present!

Code: 50594

105.00 EUR

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WH (Heer)/Waffen-SS MP38/40 Pouch

In nice worn condition a WH (Heer)/Waffen-SS MP38/40 Pouch that comes with the small pouch for the speedloader.
It is nicely stamped on the back!

Code: 50593

650.00 EUR

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WH (Heer) Combat Assault Frame (Sturmgepack)

Nice worn condition a Wehrmacht Combat Assault Frame (Sturmgepack).
This example has clearly visible maker marked and dated.
Unfortunately there is 1 repair, shown on the pictures.

Code: 50596


Luftwaffe Flieger Blouse for Flak

In very nice condition a Luftwaffe Flieger Blouse for Flak, made from issue quality blue grey wool and with light blue artificial silk.
It is nicely marked with RBNr and size, the collar tabs and eagle are factory machine sewn and comes with matched pair of shoulder straps.
Nice example for sure!

Code: 50600

995.00 EUR

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