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K98 Leather Bayonet Frog

In very nice condition a K98 Leather Bayonet Frog.
This example is nicely maker marked ''E.O. Götze & Sohn'' from ''Gersdorf'' and dated 1941.

Code: 50418


Wehrmacht Dispatch Riders Goggles

In used condition a Wehrmacht (Heer or Waffen-SS) Dispatch Riders Goggles (kradmelderbrille) that comes with the original box.
The goggles are nicely maker marked and dated '1939'.
Unfortunately the screw has been replaced shown on the pictures.

Code: 50463

135.00 EUR

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Wehrmacht Bakelite Carbid Lantern

In very nice condition a Wehrmacht Carbid Bakelite Lantern (Einheitslaterne 37).
This example comes with the original hook and the 3 black-out slides in used condition, also its nicely 'WaA' marked.
Nice example for sure!

Code: 50469


WH (Heer) Gasmask and Canister

In nice used condition a WH (Heer) M31 Gasmask and Canister, this example comes with the original carrying sling, the cleaning cloth, retaining spring, spare glasses and gascape pouch, very nice complete set!

Code: 50470


WH (Heer)/Waffen-SS Canvas Gaiters

In nice worn condition a pair of WH (Heer)/Waffen-SS Canvas Gaiters (Gamaschen) with light brown leather fittings which were issued to all troops wearing ankle boots, small damages shown on pictures but in good condition for sure.

Code: 50479

65.00 EUR

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WH (Heer) 1L Canteen and Cup -WAL42-

In very nice condition a WH (Heer) 1L Canteen and Cup.
This example is nicely facotry code marked 'WAL' on the leather strap, aluminium canteen and canteen cover, further this example is in super condition!

Code: 50570

105.00 EUR

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WH (Heer) Canteen and Cup -CFL 43-

In nice condition a WH (Heer) Canteen and Metal Cup.
This example is nicely factory code marked on the metal cup and leather strap 'CFL' and dated 1943.
The canteen it self is retains 100% of the original red factory paint, the metal is retains 80% of the original olive paint.
All leather straps are in good condition!

Code: 50569


WH (Heer) Steel Belt Buckle -1940-

In worn condition a WH (Heer) Steel Belt Buckle, this example has 40% of the original olive green paint, also it comes with the original leather tab which is nicely maker marked and dated 1940.

Code: 50572

135.00 EUR

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WH (Heer) Cutlery Set

In nice condition a WH (Heer) Cutlery Set, which is nicely marked with the national eagle.
All four pieces fit into each other for a secure tight fit.

Code: 50573

95.00 EUR

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Black Wound Badge '93'

In nice used condition this Black Wound Badge ''verwundeten abzeichen in schwarz'' which is nicely marked ''93'' (Richard Simm & Söhne)

Code: 50575

40.00 EUR

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